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Introducing: Dooley Dose of Economics

Introducing: Dooley Dose of Economics

Author : Christopher Blake

To demonstrate how the papers in my Principles of Microeconomics classes, I have enlisted the help of one student (for now) to creatively extend the papers she submitted in my class. The assignment challenges students to tell a brief, personal narrative and then define a recently learned concept in their own words and explain how their narrative represents an example of their chosen topic. The first writer, Asmita Lehther, wrote each of her papers from the perspective of Dooley, the unofficial student mascot of Emory University (for more information, this video captures some of the history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrwOZFKezgg). To showcase her work, we begin the Dooley Dose of Economics series, which not only highlights how this assignment can be creatively approached, but also represents a fun and consistent theme weaving through the papers themselves.

A big thanks goes to Asmita for agreeing to write for this and hopefully the series inspires students to think outside the box on their own papers in my classes!


Dooley Dose of Economics

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